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As discussed earlier, the guest management team will design personalized invitation experiences by profiling each guest on the list and determining the most suitable invitation method. They aim to craft invitations that embody the brand's innovative and technological spirit, ensuring they captivate the recipients' interest. We are suggesting a few options:

  1. Traditional

  2. Unboxing invitations

  3. Digital Invitations.



 This premium box includes a personal video message from the CEO, inviting each guest in a uniquely engaging way.


Inside, recipients will find a desktop digital frame showcasing a snippet of the facility, a multifunctional USB drive pen, a crystal memory stick,  and a USB-powered mug, all branded elegantly. Each box also contains a QR code ard for easy RSVP.

Video Box 3.png
giftbox (1).jpg


The digital invitation service, complete with an integrated RSVP system, offers a streamlined and interactive experience for guests. Alongside the essential event details presented in a user-friendly digital format, the invitation includes a unique feature: an embedded video tour of the data centre.


This addition not only enriches the invitation with a visual and informative element but also showcases the technological prowess and infrastructure behind the event, enhancing the overall engagement and experience for the recipients. With just a few clicks, guests can confirm their attendance through the built-in RSVP function, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication flow for event planning and management.

Image by Camille Brodard

Guest Genius

To sum it up, our invitation management system is more than just a tool; it's your personal event concierge that emphasizes the art of personal touch and guest profiling. It's meticulously designed to ensure that every invitation is not just sent but personally tailored, reflecting the unique preferences and interests of each guest.


By integrating detailed profiling into the process, we ensure that every aspect of your event resonates with attendees on a personal level. This system isn't just about managing lists and RSVPs; it's about creating a connection, making every guest feel specially considered and deeply valued, all while keeping you seamlessly in control and intimately involved in every detail.


A traditional approach to delivering invitations involves our premium concierge service dispatching elegant invitation cards in a gift box accompanied by a data memory stick and a QR  code card to scan and RSVP.

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