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The Light bulb Business Consulting Agency is a group of Marketing and Event Management professionals, providing quality service to businesses, we provide custom-made marketing campaigns to your brand following the vision of your company, campaign, and projects.

Our goal is to merge ‘’Brand and customers using innovative, interactive, and technology astuteness. The results are enhanced brand visibility and a significant return on your investment as our growing list of satisfied clients will bear witness.

We profile your client/campaign and tailor the right management strategy or merchandise to promote your BRAND leveraging on technology, ensuring the medium attracts new and retains existing customers.


Business Consultant

Our Global team brings years of ingenious innovation from conventional marketing/advertising style to interactive technology-driven concepts. 

We device creative mediums to ensure your brand/product/services gain visibility in the market sphere.​​ The key to success is our ability to understand what the client’s needs are, and ultimately translate it into a mind-blowing activation and revenue-generating concept.  ​​We have over thirteen years in the Events and Marketing industry, Our team and strategic partners are based all over the globe, this is what gives us the edge above our competitors.


To date, we’ve worked with

dozens of clients to create

and deploy campaigns

across a variety of advertising

mediums, including:

  • Television

  • Printed Media

  • Radio

  • Search Engines

  • Display Networks

  • Social Media

  • Bill Boards

  • Advertising Models

  • Corporate Gifting

  • Events

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