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Don't let the pandemic stop you from your outdoor event activities. All you need is to hire our COVID Safety Marshals to ensure your event premises is virus-free, we have various disinfectant and preventive services to choose from.



The 21.5 ” Android LCD screen has an Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, it is composed of dual functions. The interactive Android tablet, remotely updated, Update content from thousands to thousands of locations; And the Automatic dispenser for hand washing, auto-dispensing gel, foam, or other liquid.


  • IR sensor for automatic dosing, clean, safe, and completely touch-free. w/temperature detector.

  • 21.5 inch HD IPS LCD screen for advertising display and more, touch is optional.

  • 3000 ml volume capacity of hand sanitizer tank, and different outlets for various types of sanitizers.

All these can be used in Hospitals, Meeting Room, Reception Desk, Hotel Lobby, School, Train Station, Airport, Toilet, Events, Hotels , Restaurants, and many more

Woman with Mask


The team of safety marshals inspect your location/venue, brings in manual temperature checkers and dis-effectants. Ensures your guest are all masked up and ensures COVID compliance on the day. Also registers with the Lagos safety commission to ensure event is fully compliance.



This is a mobile mini kiosk for smaller events the kiosk will check temperature and dispense auto sanitisers to ensure guest are safe.

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