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Promote your brand through an inventive and engaging customer experience.

Explore a range of our innovative advertising solutions designed to create an emotional bond between your brand and customers, inspiring active interaction with your offerings.

For a curated list of our products, please peruse the selection below. Should you have particular questions or wish to request samples, kindly proceed to the bottom of the page and complete the inquiry form. To access a complete array of our advertising materials, simply click the provided link.


The 21.5 ” Android LCD screen has an Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, it is composed of dual function. The interactive Android tablet, remotely updated, Update content from thousands to thousands of locations; And the Automatic dispenser for hand washing, auto-dispensing gel, foam, or other liquid.


  • IR sensor for automatic dosing, clean, safe and completely touch-free. w/temperature detector.

  • 21.5 inch HD IPS LCD screen for advertising display and more, touch is optional.

  • 3000 ml volume capacity of hand sanitiser tank, and different outlets for various types of sanitisers.

All these can be used in Hospitals, Meeting Room, Reception Desk, Hotel Lobby, School, Train Station, Airport, Toilet, Events,Hotels, Restaurants and many more


​Brand and send product samples, and corporate gift items in this unique LCD video box, brochure or book.
Advertise and market your products in style. Available in different sizes. Your designs are welcome



This versatile tabletop advertising device, accompanied by a phone charging station, finds great utility in a wide range of settings such as retail stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, bars, clubs, salons, offices, exhibition booths, and transit terminals. It serves as the ultimate all-in-one solution for interactive commercial displays, allowing your ads to be showcased simultaneously on both sides or tailored to your preference.

Equipped with a high-capacity 20800mAh or 40200mAh smart charging station, complete with detachable iPhone/Micro USB/Type C phone cables, this device ensures convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Your business advertisements can already be highly effective, but this product takes your campaign to the next level by adding a touch of excitement and captivating your customers, keeping them engaged with your brand. These players present fantastic marketing ideas, and custom branding options are available. They are also offered in various screen sizes to suit your specific needs.


Digital LCD Display Advertising Signage Screens have become the ideal solution to advertise your products or services in-door or outdoor. This product comes with a shoe shining functionality, so you want to send a brand message to your clients, well, show it on the screen as they get engaged by polishing their shoes.

A great customer engagement tool. It Supports audio formats,1080P full HD loop play, advertising timing loop playing, timing automatic power-play and automatic shutdown. Support 3G/4G wifi network to use. You can use this device the same way you use your effective – but this product makes your campaign extra spicy and keeps your customer glued to your brand. These Players are awesome marketing ideas.  Custom branding available! They are available in different screen sizes.

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