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We all know that giving gifts can fill us with feelings of joy. Have you ever been curious about why that is? Well, we sure were! That’s why we looked up the psychological meaning behind gifting, why do we actually give gifts? And how much does ‘’the thought really count’’? Read more if you want to find out all about it!

Why do we give gifts?

Scientific research suggests that there are two goals that people consider when giving someone a gift. The first is to make the other person happy, and the second is to strengthen the bond between the giver and the person receiving the gift. This is usually done by giving someone a gift that’s thoughtful and memorable. And this also means figuring out what someone wants without the other person having to ask directly. 

To build and strengthen relationships

Giving gifts can actually build relationships especially among clients. How do you ask? Well, it shows thoughtfulness, caring and that someone’s feelings matter to us. Whether you want to show that with an expensive piece or anything, If there’s a deep meaning behind it, the impact will be the same. 

A way of showing concern and devotion

Ever received a meaningful gift from someone? We hope you did! Because if so, you know the effect it can have on a person. Usually, we remember meaningful gifts: when they were given to us, by whom, and for what reason. These kinds of gifts make a leaving impact, and that’s exactly what we do it for.

Incorporate the art of gifting to your marketing strategy and expect amazing results you can even think of. We’re always here for you.








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